About Us

It’s our specialty to help people create their most unforgettable moments. We specialize in ancient antiquity themed events of all sorts. We combine the senses to create an overall experience that is researched fully to ensure that every movement and moment brings earthly pleasures.

Εros and Aphrodite is an adult experience agency, devoted to pleasures of the flesh and specialized in, but not restricted to, erotic and culinary dimensions. We create unique events in Greece and abroad.

As ambassadors of the classical Greek culture and ethics, we celebrate the divine union of people both in spirit and body, by offering concepts, services, ideas and approaches to pleasure and sensuality.

Enjoy life now

Our provided services include: ­

  • Private parties
  • ­Themed Costumes
  • ­Party suppers
  • Surprise parties

Eros and Aphrodite respect and welcome every sexuality and are dedicated to deliver an experience authentic to every detail.

We aim to combine various concepts to ensure a unique, personalized, once in a lifetime experience.

About Us
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