Bachelor Party in Greece

Bachelor Party in Greece
Flute-players, wine pourers, and exotic maids ready to satisfy any lingering desires you have before marriage.

Eros and Aphrodite can create a bachelor party worth remembering for the rest of your life. We plan and execute so you can enjoy a stress-free experience with friends. We provide different themes and package options to best suit your needs. Refer below for more information.

Thematical attire can be made available for participants upon request.

Bach’s Best

Flute-players entertain you and wine-pourers and maids serve you. A buffet accompanied by ancient Greek signature wines & traditional liquors will be served in ancient pottery painted with classical motifs.

There can be a wide selection of wines and liquors accommodated upon request.

Roman Decadence

Exotic maids of the goddess Istar tease the senses while moving slowly to the rhythm of sensual oriental music. Couches are arranged for the guests’ comfort. Drinks and the buffet will be supplied by the four corners of the empire. With drink options of whiskey, Egyptian and Lebanese liquor, Italian, and Greek wines, Gaelic and gothic beer.


With fully armed and armored Spartans and Aphrodisian buffet.

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